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Core Facts about Washington Apples

For generations, families in the United States and from around the globe have been able to point to the State of Washington as being THE source for the world’s finest apples. It’s no wonder why. Washington grows more apples than any other U.S. state. With its nutrient-rich soil, arid climate, plentiful water and advanced growing practices, Washington’s lush apple orchards have been lovingly tended by multiple generations of family farms. This produces top quality fruit that continues its legacy of being prized the world ‘round.

Apple Harvest and Seasonality

Harvest of Washington apples begins each year in August and continues until early November. Washington’s annual harvest yields more than 100 million boxes of apples, each weighing about 40 pounds. Each and every Washington Apple is picked by hand. This maintains quality, and protects apples from bruising. There are no harvest machines to pick apples.

Apple Varieties

While there are about 2,500 known varieties of apples grown in the United States, and more than 7,500 grown around the world, there are eight primary varieties of apples grown in Washington, each with its own appeal. With flavors ranging from mild to super-sweet, and textures ranging from light and crisp to firm and crunchy, there’s a Washington Apple to suit every taste and any recipe!


Our Hand-Crafted Ciders

Our high production standards ensure quality cider in every bottle. In addition to our regular line, each season we introduce a new limited edition selection. Explore our tasty products below by checking out our inventory or better yet - schedule a cider tasting tour!

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Pineapple Crush Small.jpg

Pineapple Crush

Semi-Sweet Cider with Awesome Real Pineapple! Made with Wildflower Honey. ABV 5.2%.

Voodoo Blackberry Small.jpg


Semi-Dry & Sweet Cider with a Smooth Finish! Made with real Blackberries. ABV 5.2%.

Outlaw Apple Small.jpg

Outlaw Apple Cider

Semi-Sweet Cider with Great Apple Taste! Made with Wildflower Honey. ABV 5.8%.

Tea-Rex Small.jpg

Tea-Rex Hard Cider

Semi-Dry Cider with Gunpowder Green Tea! Made with Wildflower Honey. ABV 6.2%.

Cherry Bomb Small.jpg

Cherry Bomb

Smooth-Dry Semi-Tart Cider with the Perfect Balance of Cherry and Apple. ABV 5.5%.

Freaky Peach Small.jpg

Freaky Peach Mint

Smooth Cider with Peaches and Mint! Just the right amount of Sweetness. ABV 5.4%.


Our Cider House

Cider Sampling

Come visit the Cider Tasting Room often to enjoy incredible ciders, amazing comfort foods, and fun times!  Learn about cider from some of our most admired and respected staff members, such as Cidermakers and other connoisseurs with years of experience.  Contact us now to learn more about special offers, renting the cider house for your private event, and services provided at Outlaw Cider Company.

Wine Tasting Events

Cider House Hours

Located in the heart of Historic Downtown Grapevine Texas, you can find our Cider House co-located at our Sloan & Williams Winery Flagship Tasting Room location at 401 S. Main St, Grapevine, TX 76051. 

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Did You Know?

  • 10 – 12 billion apples are harvested in Washington State each year. Each Washington apple is picked by hand. There are no harvest machines to pick apples.

  • If you put all of the Washington State apples picked in a year side-by-side, they would circle the earth 29 times.

  • About 2,500 known varieties of apples are grown in the United States. More than 7,500 are grown worldwide.

  • Last year, the average U.S. consumer ate 19 pounds of fresh apples.

  • Apples are the largest agricultural product grown in Washington State.

  • Apples originated in Kazakhstan and were carried east by traders on the Silk Road.

  • The only apple native to North America is the crabapple.

  • Apple seeds are like people; you will never get the exact same type of apple from a planted seed.

  • The Red Delicious apple began life as a chance seedling on an Iowa farm. A chance seedling is a viable apple variety that grows from a seed.



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