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Our Hand-Crafted Ciders

Our high production standards ensure quality cider in every bottle. In addition to our regular line, each season we introduce a new limited edition selection. Explore our tasty products below by checking out our inventory or better yet - schedule a cider tasting tour!

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Pineapple Crush Small.jpg

Pineapple Crush Hard Cider

Semi-Sweet Cider with Awesome Real Pineapple! Made with Wildflower Honey. ABV 5.2%.

Voodoo Blackberry Small.jpg

Voodoo Blackberry Hard Cider

Semi-Dry & Sweet Cider with a Smooth Finish! Made with real Blackberries. ABV 5.2%.

Outlaw Apple Small.jpg

Outlaw Apple Hard Cider

Semi-Sweet Cider with Great Apple Taste! Made with Wildflower Honey. ABV 5.8%.

Tea-Rex Small.jpg

Tea-Rex Hard Cider

Semi-Dry Cider with Gunpowder Green Tea! Made with Wildflower Honey. ABV 6.2%.

Cherry Bomb Small.jpg

Cherry Bomb Hard Cider

Smooth-Dry Semi-Tart Cider with the Perfect Balance of Cherry and Apple. ABV 5.5%. (Not Available at this time)

Freaky Peach Small.jpg

Freaky Peach Mint Hard Cider

Smooth Cider with Peaches and Mint! Just the right amount of Sweetness. ABV 5.4%. (Not Available at this time)

Blueberry Lemon

Blueberry Lemon Hard Cider

Semi-Sweet/Dry Cider with Great Washington Apple & Wildflower Honey Taste.
ABV 6%

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