Did You Know?

  • 10 – 12 billion apples are harvested in Washington State each year. Each Washington apple is picked by hand. There are no harvest machines to pick apples.

  • If you put all of the Washington State apples picked in a year side-by-side, they would circle the earth 29 times.

  • About 2,500 known varieties of apples are grown in the United States. More than 7,500 are grown worldwide.

  • Last year, the average U.S. consumer ate 19 pounds of fresh apples.

  • Apples are the largest agricultural product grown in Washington State.

  • Apples originated in Kazakhstan and were carried east by traders on the Silk Road.

  • The only apple native to North America is the crabapple.

  • Apple seeds are like people; you will never get the exact same type of apple from a planted seed.

  • The Red Delicious apple began life as a chance seedling on an Iowa farm. A chance seedling is a viable apple variety that grows from a seed.


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